Hi guys,

I’m on holiday in Bali – which is a place in Indonesia. It is my first visit here, and it’s only my second day. So far we have been to the beach and a really big pool with water slides! The waterslides are my favourite bit!

Ellie x



The Eyes!

This term we are learning about the eyes. In science we have to prepare a song about the eyes.Well thats what i choose! Here is a short clip about the eyes:

Lets see how much you were listening! How many Rods and Cones is there? I hope you learnt something new about the eyes!

Anti-Bullying Week



Today me and my friend made a poster about anti-bulling week in Arabic. We put some of the rights and responsibility’s in Arabic and English. Thank you reading my second post on my new blog!


P.S.- Report Bullying If You See It!

New Dog!

On Monday afternoon I went to the car and a dog was in the boot it was a massive suprise! He is so cute he is my first ever dog! We now have 3 cats and a dog. That’s a lot of pets! His name is Ray his age is about 5 months old his breed is a British Bulldog.

This is a picture of Ray!


I ❤️ Ray! He is really small and very heavy but he is a playful Dog. Hope you enjoyed reading, Ellie!


10 things you probably don’t know about me!

Welcome to my first blog! I’m Ellie.

1. I am a only child.

2. My favourite animal is a Giant Panda!

3. My favourite subject is Maths.

4. I have 3 cats!

5. I love to blog I only started this year!

6. I ❤️ One Direction.

7. I adore minions! Well who doesn’t?

8. My favourite movies are all the Harry Potters and monster high.

9. I love Top Trumps. The packs I have are: Edinburgh Zoo, Shopkins, Minions and the DESS Teachers!

10. My Favourite books are diary of a wimpy kid, Mariella Mystery, Agatha Parrot and any thing written by David Walliams!

So I hope you learnt a bit about me! Thanks for reading!

Ellie x